Welcome to this web site. Just by being here you have shown that you are pretty smart, and actually do think for yourself. Well done.

This site is a collection of stuff I found whilst spending much time researching possible reasons why my religion was not expanding fast enough.

I’ve tried not to include any opinion, but am giving you some data and allowing you to come up with your own conclusions. After all, I think you are smart enough to figure it out for yourself.

And although I don’t agree with all of the opinions expressed here, there are some interesting viewpoints that may have merit.

The articles are one’s which give a different perspective on things. They will give you information that you possibly never knew before.

I suggest that you read the articles in sequence, and to read all of them, before making up your own mind as to how to really expand Scientology, and help make it all that it was meant to be.

Who am I? I’m just another random person who worked on staff long enough to know the scene, and so I am able to speak from the viewpoint of having been there, and having seen a lot of this stuff first hand.